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Zenith by Danco exemplifies a series of innovative renovation tools that empower you to complete your DIY & Pro remodeling projects effectively without damaging walls, floors and cabinets like normal pry bar tools.

Trim Pullers
Floor Lifter
Mini Trim Puller
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Zenith Industries ZN700051 Mini Trim Puller

Top Reviews

  1. Compact multi-purpose tool
    The Trim Puller Mini, don’t let its size fool you. It offers a whole lot of prying power, in a compact multi-purpose tool.
    Ron Hazelton
  2. The Right Tool For The Job
    I had to pull all the baseboard in the house before our floors are redone. I bought this after watching some how-to videos. Wow! I got through the whole job without damaging any of the baseboard or the walls! This tool was the perfect tool for the job. If I had one criticism it's that the nail puller doesn't work very well but it does what it is supposed to VERY well!
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