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Floor Lifter Hand Tool

  • Ideal for removing harwood and tile floors: The Zenith Floor Lifter is designed specifically for safely removing hardwood floors, ceramic tile, trim, nail or glued countertops and it’s great to scrape off popcorn ceilings; it’s the ultimate demolition and remodeling multi-tool
  • Integrated center wedge tackles larger removal projects without damage: the floor lifter has a larger angle with the integrated wedged center that provides increased removal efficiency for more aggressive extractions on bigger jobs and its longer design provides for a deeper plunge on wider baseboards and trim; eliminating the need for a shim or small board spacer
  • Pull it, pry it, lift it, and scrape: the floor lifter has more demo and remodel uses; it does all the work of a wrecking bar, flat pry bar or claw eliminating the need for a shim or small board spacer, which means less tools, saves time and money
  • Add the exention handle (sold separately) which will allow you to remove flooring and other material reducing time spend on your knees and is great for scraping ceilings
  • Comfort grip, shock-absorbing edpm handle: this trim puller is capped off with an edpm handle that feels comfortable in the hand while offering exceptional shock absorption
  • Durable steel construction-built to last: the 48Rc heat treated steel construction provides lifetime durability with a ground bevel on the edge which allows tool to easily be driven between trim and wall and also allows tool to be used as a shim for leveling cabinet bases
Model # ZN700201

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Product Description

The Zenith Floor Lifter was designed to bring the same utility and performance of the Trim Puller combined with the common and practical hand work of a chisel. The integrated wedge of the Floor Lifter has a larger angle for more aggressive extractions on bigger jobs. The Floor Lifter is excellent for wood flooring, wooden or vinyl siding, oversized boards and planks. Wood, ceramic tile, just about any surface can be worked efficiently with the Floor Lifter. It has the same integrated center wedge as Trim Puller that increases removal efficiency and prevents damage to both trim and wall. Its longer design provides for a deeper plunge on wider baseboards and trim. Its Z shape design is also ideal for crown molding removal. Great at scraping textured ceilings with its ability to accept standard extension handles, it also can be used as a hook to rip off vinyl or aluminum siding or hanging ceiling planks. And a Zenith specially designed extension handle allowing for aggressive tapping to extend your reach, just screw it into the end of the handle. The new extension handle will allow you to remove flooring and other materials reducing time spent on your knees. The 48Rc heat treated steel and a comfort handle insure great performance and durability. The Floor Lifter has more uses than any other tool in the category. Pull, Pry, Lift and Scrape. More uses, less tools, save you money.


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