Trim Puller Mini

The Trim Puller Mini is a patented tool that does all the work of a pry bar and claw but without the damage. It is designed specifically for repair or remodel projects where you aren’t destroying but rather reusing your trim, baseboard, cabinets, flooring, tile and other materials. What sets the Trim Puller Mini apart from other tools is the contact area combined with the 15 degree wedged center for easy extraction. The Trim Puller Mini has the largest and flattest contact area versus the single contact areas found on a pry bar or a claw. No shim or small board spacer is needed. So stop damaging walls and get yours today!

The Trim Puller is the best and fastest tool for removing baseboards, window trim, door casings, tile, hardwood floors and more. It will save you time and money. In a typical 10×10 room, the Trim Puller will save you over $400 in materials and labor, easily paying for itself on your first project or job.

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The Trim Puller Mini is an innovative and revolutionary tool designed to make trim removal faster and more efficient without damaging your trim or walls.
Perfect for removing baseboards, chair railing, door casings and decorative panels without damaging the materials so you can reuse them and also without damaging your drywall so you won’t have to go back and repair the holes in your sheet rock. t will save you time and money on the very first job. It makes your work faster and a lot easier, requires less effort and it won’t hurt your hand like a crowbar or pry bar.

The Trim Puller Mini is now available at Lowe’s in stores and online.


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