Floor Lifter


  • Excellent for flooring of all types
  • Ceramic tile removal
  • 48Rc steel
  • Trim Puller wedge technology
  • Utilized as a chisel
  • Penetrate deeper on trim, ideal for 7”–10”
  • More ergonomic for crown moulding
  • Screw cap for extension handle for scraping
  • EDPM Grip
  • Patent pending

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Out of stock

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The Zenith Floor Lifter was designed to bring the same great utility and performance offered by the Zenith Trim Puller™, combined with the common and practical hand work of a chisel. The integrated wedge of the Floor Lifter has a larger angle and is longer than the Trim Puller wedge for more aggressive extractions on bigger jobs. The Floor Lifter is excellent for wood flooring, wooden or vinyl siding, and oversized boards and planks. Wood, ceramic tile, and just about any surface can be worked efficiently with the Floor Lifter. Floor Lifter can perform all of the functions of the Trim Puller with slightly different techniques and ergonomics. It has the same integrated center wedge as the Trim Puller, which increases removal efficiency and prevents damage to both trim and walls. The longer design provides a deeper plunge on wider baseboards and trim. Its “Z” shape design is also ideal for crown molding removal. Great at scraping textured ceilings when used with standard extension handles, it also can be used as a hook to rip off vinyl or aluminum siding and hanging ceiling planks. And a Zenith specially designed handle for the Floor Lifter allowing for aggressive tapping to extend your reach is coming soon!

The Floor Lifter has more uses than any other tool in the category — Pull, Pry, Lift and Scrape! More uses, fewer tools, more cash saved for you, FAST!

Check out our great demo video here!

Zenith Floor Lifter is constructed to accept standard threads of most extension poles for scraping jobs.  A specially designed striking extension handle to increase your reach for flooring and trim removal jobs will be available in the spring of 2020.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 14.5 × 4 × 1.5 in


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